Give those old Muntz Stereo-Pack, Broadcast Cart 4 track tapes a tune up with my 4 track tape repair kit!  Enough to repair 10 tapes (5 of the regular foam pad type and 5 suspended plastic strip types, see picture for example).


Kit Includes:


5 Foam Pads, Peel and Stick. 1 and 15/16" in length, between 1/4" and 5/16" in width.  You will need to clean the old adhesive off of the original plastic strips and flip it over, then stick one of these to it.  I went to the peel and stick type pad as I know some people prefer not to have to open up the cart to replace the pads. 


5 two piece peel and stick foam pads (for the carts with the plastic strips that slide into the center groove, see picture for example).  I have updated these pads to make them thinner.  They are 1/4" and fit better inside the cart than the previous pads.  If you have any issues with these please let me know!


12 Splicing tape splices, cut at a 60 degree angle.



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Broadcast Cart 4 Track Tape Repair Kit