Proper pressure pads are important to getting the best sound quality you can from these tapes.  And that sound quality is going to depend on the quality of the recording tape itself, how it has been stored all these years and how it was recorded.  These pads (along with my thinner stock height pads too!) give the proper amount of pressure needed for the best available sound quality from your tape.  Without putting excessive strain on the motor and wear on the tape head.  These will stiffen up slightly with age, making them very springy (which is what you want!).


Peel and Stick replacement 8 track tape foam pads for your 8 track tape repairs.  These will also work on the 4 Track tapes that used a similar pad to the 8 track tape and I have been told that you can replace them using these pads without opening up the 4 track cart.  I also sell a 4 Track pad for the tapes that used a thinner foam pad.


These will need to be cut in the middle to fit in some carts.


These come attached to brown kraft paper.  Easily peeled from the paper to be stuck to the new plastic strip (or old strip if it as been cleaned of the old adhesive and flipped over). Enough pads here to repair 15 tapes (you get one package of 15 pads). These are designed after the originals using quality materials.  Laminate on top of pad is heat bonded for longevity.  These are the same length as the originals.  


Pads are 3/8" thick, 1 and 15/16 in length and in between 1/4" and 5/16" in width 


***8 track tapes in picture are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included***

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8 Track / 4 Track Foam Pressure Pads, Full Size, Peel and Stick