Please note, if you have purchases sensing foil from me in the past, this is a different manufacturer and the appearance is different!  There may be a learning curve as far as peeling these from the paper. These are very very thin,  and may deform when removing them from the paper.  However once attached to the tape these smooth out and retain their shape perfectly.  


These are New Old Stock 3M Brand. I will have more of the other type of sensing foil in the future. But for now I am offering up these high quality 3M Scotch sensing foil tabs. I have a customer who will only purchase this particular brand/type from me. He feels they are easier to work with so that getting them nice and straight where you attach them is easier than with the other style.


Be proactive and replace the sensing foil BEFORE you pop an old 8 track into the player.  7/32" in width (slightly under 1/4") , 3/4" to 13/16" length, cut at a 60 degree angle.  Comes in a protective sleeve to keep the tabs from peeling up before use. 


As always, I use REAL sensing foil.  Designed for audio applications.  Paper thin so that it will not get hung up at the capstan shaft.  A cheap and easy way to help avoid the tape getting eaten due to the old sensing foil splice breaking!!


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7/32 Scotch 3M New Old Stock Sensing Foil