Newly designed for easier use. These peel and stick replacement 8 track tape foam pressure pads are designed for those that would rather not open up their 8 track cart to replace the pads.


These are 2 piece, so you don't have to cut them in half. They are about 1/8" shorter than a standard, stock 8 track foam pad. Which makes them a little easier to install in the tight quarters you are working with.  These are the same soft foam I use on my "Drop In" pads.


These come attached to a sheet of nonstick paper. 3/8" tall and over 1/4" wide but under 5'16" wide for easier installation.  Enough pads here to repair 15 tapes (you get one package of 15 pads). These are designed after the originals using quality materials.  Smooth laminate on top of pad is heat bonded for longevity.


These do NOT come with replacement plastic strips, so you will have to reuse the stock ones. I do sell these with replacement plastic strips for 50 cents more on another listing.


If you reuse the old plastic strip you must clean all of the old adhesive off or these will not stick.  The best thing to do is clean as much of the goo from the old melted pad off of the plastic strip and then flip it over and use the pristine, unused side for your new pads. 


I sell a thinner 8 track foam pad that you would need to cut in half to use, but it would be easier to install than this one.

***8 track tapes in picture are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included***


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8 Track Tape Foam Pressure Pad "Peel & Stick" type, 12 Pack

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