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Have a box of old cassettes sitting in the garage because they are missing the felt pad? Bring them back to life with these replacement felt pads.  Peel and stick.   Available in brown, Cashmere Tan or Black. 


You get 5 strips, 3/16" wide, and 6" in length enough to do roughly 50 - 100 tapes.  Cut a 1/4" section out, peel off the kraft paper and stick on the copper spring in the cassette (nonmagnetized tweezers come in handy).  These are a little under 1/8" thick, soft brown or antique white felt.


Your choice of three colors, or a variety pack with a few of each:


The Brown felt is a dense, high quality felt.  It holds its shape well and is middle of the road in regards to being soft/firm.  It has a professional grade look and feel.  


The Black felt is also a dense, high quality felt.  It also holds it shape very well and it is the firmest of the three.  It has a very professional look and feel.


The Cashmere Tan felt is the softest of the three.  Similar to the white felt I use to sell before the quality went downhill. 


Shipping Details:


USA Customers ONLY, Shipping is a flat fee of $3.90 

Orders $30 and over get FREE shipping via USPS First Class Mail.


Canadian Customers, Shipping is a flat rate of $14.11 via USPS First Class Small Package International Mail.


International Customers, I ship to most European Countries, and a few others. Shipping is via USPS First Class Small Package International and is a Flat Rate of $17.00, for up to 5 items.


Also, depending on your country, you may be charged an excise tax on the value of the item. This is not included in the price and out of my control.

Cassette Felt Pressure Pads, Close To Stock Height

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