8 Track To Digital Transfer Service


Did you record a family get together back in 1975 with your 8 track player?  Maybe you recorded your 2 year old child reciting nursery rhymes back in 1972 on 8 track.  Maybe you had a college garage band back in the 70's and want to bring those memories back to life.  I offer an 8 track to digital format transfer service.  For $25 a tape *, I will transfer your precious memories from 8 track to CD. 

How it works:  You ship the tape or tapes too me (A Small Flat Rate Priority Mail Box is what I recommend for a single tape). I will do a tune up and any necessary repairs to the tape to insure the best playback possible.  When the job is completed I will return the 8 track tapes back to you in the same box I ship the CD's to you in.


The $25 fee includes:


Tape tune up/repair prior to transfer


Transfer to Audio CD When possible a digital "clean up" of the audio (hum and hiss and when possible "kerchunk" of the track changing)


File separated into tracks


Paper sleeve for CD

Free return shipping via Media Mail.  If you would like it shipped back to you Priority Mail I ask that you split the cost with me. 


I can make 2 copies on CD for you at no extra charge.  Anything over 2 copies, please add $1 a disc to the total.


Payment can either be a check or money order included with the tape yous end me, or I can email you a Paypal invoice when the job is completed.



*Please note that this service is only for 8 tracks recorded for personal use only and is not available at this time for commercially recorded albums. 

For more information or to schedule a transfer click the "contact me" button below: