I am currently experiencing a high volume of very large repair jobs.  So currently anything over 20 tapes is most likely going take up to 90 days for me to get repaired and shipped back to you.  Under 20 tapes around 1-4 weeks depending on the number of and condition of the tapes. Thank you for your patience and for trusting me with your tape repairs :-) 

8 Track Tape Repair Service

Get it done right the first time!!

Services Include:

*Sensing Foil replacement

*All Foam Pressure Pads are automatically replaced

*Felt Pads are replaced on a case by case basis.

*Melted pinch roller replacement if necessary

*Cleaning of the pinch roller

*Cleaning of the interior and exterior of the cartridge

*Clean and lube the spindles for the pinch roller and tape reel

*Tape tension adjustment as needed

*Repair of tapes with broken sense foil splice

*Repair of tapes that are jammed up and will not play

*Repair of tapes that have been eaten by the machine and are either broken  off inside the cartridge or a tangled mess protruding from the cartridge.

*Repair or Replacement of broken pinch roller or reel spindles.

*Replacement of reels that are damaged enough to cause playback issues.

*Replacement of cart shell halves when necessary


In most cases a tune up will take care of most (but NOT all) wow and flutter issues many tapes suffer from.  It WILL help to ensure your tape does not self destruct when played after having been shelved for several years (however accidents do happen!).  A tune up will NOT fix tape drop nor will it bring back fidelity lost from tape damage (demagnetization, exposure to temperature extremes, damage done from the tape being eaten by the player). 




$3 Each

Ampex Tapes with Melted Pinch Roller:



USA Customers Only: Customer pays the shipping to ship the tapes out to me (media mail is your friend here).  1-5 Tapes, Return Shipping is $3.50 via Media Mail.  I can ship them back to you Priority Mail but you will have to pay the majority of that shipping cost.  

USA Customers Only: 6+ Tapes and I pay the return shipping via Media Mail.  As stated above, I can ship them back to you via Priority Mail but you will incur most of the shipping cost.  

I am happy to do repairs for my Canadian and European Customers.  However you will have to pay for shipping to me here in the U.S and back to your country.  And that can get expensive depending on the amount of tapes.  




I  accept Paypal, Personal Checks and Money Orders.  Check or Money Order payments can be included in the tape shipment.  With Paypal and Personal Checks, I will email you when I am ready to start your repair job.  I understand life happens, so if something has come up and you will need more time to pay, that would be a good time to give me a heads up.  That way I can swap things around here and come back to your job when its convenient for you financially.  


Ship your tapes to:


P.O Box 516

Merlin, OR 97532

Please email me and let me know your name, return shipping address, how many tapes you have sent and what form of payment you have included or if you just want a Paypal invoice when the job is complete.  

Packing Your Tapes


Please pack your tapes in a box large enough for them to sit FLAT.  Put bubble wrap on the bottom and all  sides of the box.  And then put a layer of bubble wrap on the top after the tapes have been packed.  Put enough packing material on top of the tapes to fill any void between the top of the tapes and the top flaps of the box.  Pack it like it is going to be thrown, dropped, etc because it most likely will be during shipping!  Not responsible for tapes that get lost or broken during shipping due to improper packing!