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Cleaning The Outside Of Your 8 Track

Whether or not you open up your cart and give it an in-depth tune up, you will probably want the outside to look as close to new as possible.  I'm going to share with you the way I clean the outside of the carts I repair and the ones in my personal collection.


You will need:


*Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge (The Dollar Store type work just fine)

*A cotton washcloth (A microfiber cloth works well too)

*An All-Purpose cleaner.  I prefer Formula 409 but any all-purpose household spray cleaner should do. 

*Good quality q-tips.  I recommend the name brand here as the Dollar Store type are too stiff.

A medium firmness toothbrush (works for both the inside and outside of cart)













Wet the Magic Eraser and wring it out good.  Go over the really grimey parts with the All-Purpose cleaner first.  Then use the magic eraser on it.  The cotton swabs and toothbrush are handy for nooks and crannies.  Go back over it one more time with the All-Purpose cleaner after you have used the Magic Eraser on it.
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