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Cassette Tape Repair Services      


Aside from doing 8 Track Tape repairs, I also can repair your cassette tapes.  Broken splicing tape, cracked reels and missing felt are all common repairs around here.  I can also re-lubricate tapes in which the coating has degraded and the tape will not play (this costs a little extra than a standard repair). 


  Please Note!  Most commercial releases on cassette used a sealed outer shell.  If I have to open these up to do a repair the shell may incur massive damage to the point that it will need transferred into a new shell (one that is held together with screws).  I make every effort to get them open without damaging the outer shell and some times I have success.  Other times not so much.  The clear plastic ones without screws are the worst and its rare that I can get those open without ruining the outer shell. 



$3.00 per tape* This includes anything I need to do with the exception of re-lubricating a tape or replacing the shell if its a sealed style shell and I have to open it up to replace broken splicing tape, etc. 

A typical repair involves replacing both splicing tape to reel splices and the pad if necessary.  If the pad is not the stiff type, is not missing and does not come off when I attempt to remove it, I leave it alone.  After the repairs are completed I let the tape play through one complete side to check for proper playback and lubrication issues.  I have unfortunately not had luck repairing tapes that squeal during playback. 

*For tapes that need re-lubrication add $2 per tape (Again, I would email you to discuss the need for this before I did it.  No surprises!). 


Shipping Details USA Customers only: 

My shipping address:

Jon Costantino

P.O Box 516

Merlin, OR 97532

How I Handle Domestic Return Shipping:

1 to 9 tapes, my preferred return shipping method is Media Mail as it is the cheapest.  This will be determined by total weight and zipcode.  I can give you an estimate so you know what your total cost will be. 

10+ tapes and I cover the return shipping via Media Mail.  I am happy to ship Priority but will charge you a percentage of the total shipping cost.
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