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Instead of using an old cleaning tape to try and clean the head and track change sensor of your 8 track player.  I recommend these.  The length makes it fairly easy to get to both with these.  Dip them in some rubbing alcohol (I recomment at least 70%).  And you are ready to clean.  Always unplug your 8 track player before inserting these into it!  


Shipping Details:


USA Customers ONLY, Shipping is a flat fee of $4.36

Orders $35 and over get FREE shipping via USPS Ground Advantage.


Canadian Customers, Shipping is a flat rate of 9.99 for up to $100 worth of merchandise


International Customers,

Shipping to most countries is $12.99 for the first $100 worth of merchandise.  This is through Asendia/USPS. 


Also, depending on your country, you may be charged an excise tax, VAT, etc on your end.  I do not collect any of these taxes or fees. 

6 Inch Long Q-Tips

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