Audiophile quality pads for your 8 track tapes at a price attainable to most.  These look and perform like they came from a factory.   Like all of the pads I sell, these were handcrafted my me.   


These pads give the proper amount of pressure needed for the best available sound quality from your tape.  Without putting excessive strain on the motor and wear on the tape head.  If a pad is to soft you will most likely get "double tracking" (though this can occur due to a bad pinch roller or just a badly recorded copy).


High density, medium firm white upholstery grade foam is used for longevity and "springiness".  Foam will yellow over time, this is completely normal and has zero impact on performance. Pads are attached to a thin piece of plastic and cut down the center just like the originals.  So all you have to do is open up your cart, remove the old gooey pad.  Clean any residue left from old pad and "drop in" this one.  


I always recommend opening up the cart to replace the pads.  But I have gotten feed back that these can be used in some carts without opening up the cart.  They are simply "smooshed and pushed" through the opening where the old pad was.


Pads are a little over 5/16" thick, 1 and 15/16 in length and in between 1/4" and 5/16" in width (9/32" to be exact, just like the original factory ones).  


***These will often times show as "out of stock" here on my website. I only list 100 of them at a time and sometimes those go fast. If any of the foam pads show as "out of stock" I probably have the supplies to make them and just have not relisted them. In that case just email me and I can usually get some made up for you in a short amount of time***


***8 track tapes in picture are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included***

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8 Track Foam Pressure Pads "Drop In" Style

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