I have had a lot of requests for 8 track player cleaning tapes.  While I can't make something that will automatically clean the head, this is the next best thing.  Captsan Shaft Cleaner Cartridge and 6 inch long cotton swabs to clean the head and track change sensor.  This kit will allow you to clean the head, track change sensor and capstan shaft of your 8 track player.


This is an empty cartridge shell with the pinch roller removed.  In place of the pinch roller, you insert one of the included cleaning clothes in its place.  Put a few drops of rubbing alchohol on the cloth and insert it in the machine.  Let it play for 10 to 20 seconds.  Remove, flip cloth over or refold in a way in which a clean portion is showing.


Re-instert into the cart.  Put cart back in player.  Repeat until the cleaning cloth no longer has any dirt and grime on it when you remove it from the machine.  Remove the cleaning cloth and insert the green scuff pad.  Insert cart back into machine and let it scruff up the capstan for about 20 seconds.  You are good to go.

The cotton swabs are for cleaning the head and track change mechanism.  I recommend at least 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.


Always unplug the machine before inserting these cotton swabs into it!


And easy economical way to keep the track change mechanism, head and capstan shaft clean in your 8 track player.  As always use at your own risk!  I have been using this method for many many years with zero issue and great results.  I have also made these up for customers that I have done repair jobs for and have gotten good feedback from them as well.  

Comes with:

 2 green scuff pads

4 pre-cut cleaning cloths

10 six inch long cotton swabs

2 four inch long foam tipped cleaning sticks (these work great on the player head and track change mechanism)

8 Track Player Capstan Cleaner Cartridge