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I have had a lot of inquiries over the years as to why some tapes seems to have a lot of audible static  in them.  This is usually caused by the graphite on the back of the tape being worn or damaged by high humidity.  I now have a solution for it.  These are exactly the same as my regular "Drop In" 8 track foam pads.  These have the center cut just like the regular ones.  The difference is these have an Anti-Static laminate instead of the standard laminate. 


Simply "drop" these into carts in which you are having problems with static.  You will need to do one complete track change with these installed for best results.  


Charcoal gray in color.  Pads are attached to a thin piece of plastic and cut down the center just like the originals.  


Pads are a little over 5/16" thick, 1 and 15/16 in length and in between 1/4" and 5/16" in width (9/32" to be exact, just like the original factory ones).


***These will often times show as "out of stock" here on my website. I only list 100 of them at a time and sometimes those go fast. If any of the foam pads show as "out of stock" I probably have the supplies to make them and just have not relisted them. In that case just email me and I can usually get some made up for you in a short amount of time***


***8 track tapes in picture are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included***

Shipping Details:


USA Customers ONLY, Shipping is a flat fee of $4.13  

Orders $30 and over get FREE shipping via USPS First Class Mail.


Canadian Customers, Shipping is a flat rate of $14.96 via USPS First Class Small Package International Mail.


International Customers, I ship to most European Countries, and a few others. Shipping is via USPS First Class Small Package International and is between $17.96 and $19.33 for up to 5 items depending on what country you are in.


Also, depending on your country, you may be charged an excise tax on the value of the item. This is not included in the price and out of my control.

Anti-Static 8 Track Foam Pressure Pads "Drop In" Style

Out of Stock
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