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An economical, easy to cut, peel and stick replacement felt for those 8 track tapes that used the felt on a copper pressure spring pad. These are thinner than the original felt (these are around 1/16" or less thick). Which makes them easier to cut. Though if you aren't going to open up the cart to replace the felt, I recommend my felt/foam pads for 8 track tapes as they are easier to maneuver into place in a closed cart.


Simply cut the length you need, peel and stick! (You WILL need to remove old adhesive from the copper piece or these won't stick properly). Comes with four 6 inch long strips Enough to do roughly 25 to 50 tapes, depending on the sizes you are dealing with (There were 3 different sizes used on the carts, Small, Medium and Large).


I offer a choice of 3 colors. Brown, Black or Cashmere Tan. The black felt is slightly thinner than the other two. I also offer a variety pack which includes two strips of the brown felt, one of the black felt and one of the cashmere tan felt.


Copper strips are for demonstrative purposes only and are not included.


Shipping Details:


USA Customers ONLY, Shipping is a flat fee of $3.90 

Orders $30 and over get FREE shipping via USPS First Class Mail.


Canadian Customers, Shipping is a flat rate of $14.11 via USPS First Class Small Package International Mail.


International Customers, I ship to most European Countries, and a few others. Shipping is via USPS First Class Small Package International and is a Flat Rate of $17.00, for up to 5 items.


Also, depending on your country, you may be charged an excise tax on the value of the item. This is not included in the price and out of my control.

8 Track Tape Replacement Felt Strips

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