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New Item!  I have had requests for these so here they are.  When I remove the rivet from those 8 track carts that use them, I replace the rivet with one of these phillips head screws.  I remove the rivet with a soldering iron.  The plastic around the hole where the rivet was may be slightly rough after removal.  So in order for the cart halves to fit back together properly you will need to scrape them smooth again.


These allow you to easily re-open this style of cart to do repairs.  Package of 6 phillips head screws.  


Shipping Details:


USA Customers ONLY, Shipping is a flat fee of $4.13  

Orders $30 and over get FREE shipping via USPS First Class Mail.


Canadian Customers, Shipping is a flat rate of $14.96 via USPS First Class Small Package International Mail.


International Customers, I ship to most European Countries, and a few others. Shipping is via USPS First Class Small Package International and is between $17.96 and $19.33 for up to 5 items depending on what country you are in.


Also, depending on your country, you may be charged an excise tax on the value of the item. This is not included in the price and out of my control.

Riveted 8 Track Tape Cart Replacement Screws

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