High quality, affordable, Foam replacement pads for 8 Track Tapes, 4 Track Tapes, PlayTape and Broadcast Carts!  Replacement felt pads for cassette tapes.  And much more. 

Whenever possible I purchase my shipping and manufacturing supplies from other small, online businesses. 


8 Track Tape, Cassette Tape, PlayTape and Broadcast Cart Repair Services.

Welcome to 8 track avenue.com!!

Still in business and operating normally as of July 2021! 


In order to be able to focus more on the repair and replacement pad side of my business I am currently no longer doing 8 Track or Cassette To CD/MP3 transfers.  I am referring those to Vintage Audio Emporium on Etsy.  He also does video transfers.  He is located on the West Coast.  Born Talent is another fellow Etsy seller who does video transfers.  He is located on the East Coast.  Both have 5 star ratings on Etsy.  You do not need to be an Etsy member to purchase their services.  You can access their Etsy pages to check them out and place an order via the links in the menu at the top of this page.

Thank you for supporting small business!!

A customer of mine (Right On Electronics from eBay) has just launched their own website.  It is essentially an 8 Track Tape Super Store with 1000's of titles to choose from!! They use my foam replacement pads! Please check it out: https://the8tracktapestore.com 

I now make replacement "Tires" for those Ampex/Flat Pak, GRT/Module 8 carts that have the dreaded melted pinch rollers.  These come in 2 sizes.  You will need to clean off the old plastic hub from your melted roller.  These slip onto the hub (you will need to use some kind of lubricant to get them onto the hub.  I like to use "dry" silicone).  GRT/MODULE 8 "tires" can be found HERE.  AMPEX/FLAT PAK "tires" are HERE

I am now offering 3 different styles of replacement foam pads for 4 Track/Broadcast carts.  Muntz, Audiopak and Fidelipac.  All can be found HERE.

My 8 track tape foam pads have become very popular lately.  So you will notice they are constantly out of stock in my online store.  Currently I have been filling orders as they are emailed to me.  So if you need some just email me and I should be able to get an order made up for you with in a day or two.  

I occasionally post updates about products and services on my Facebook Page:


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