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I don't just repair 8 track tapes!  I also repair Cassette Tapes, 4 Track Tape Carts, Broadcast Carts and Playtapes!  A single repair is $6.  Two or more tapes and the price drops to $3 a piece

As of 7/31/2020 ALL Services are still available!

Originally created with an emphasis on 8 Track Tapes only (hence the name), I have now morphed into repairing and selling repair supplies for Cassette, 4 Track and Reel To Reel as well! 8 Track/4 Track Foam Pressure Pads, Replacement Cassette Tape Felt Pads, even Playtape replacement pads!  Click on the "Shop" drop down menu above.  I also have a store on Etsy if you are more comfortable ordering from there.  Occasionally I have 8 track tapes for sale as well (click the "Shop" drop down menu above!).  I make my own foam pads out of polyurethane foam for longevity (like the "yellow" colored foam pads in some carts that after all these years are still springy and have not crumbled)  Polyurethane is "time tested" you could say which is why my pads are made from it.  I had tried filter foam years ago but don't know how it will age and have seen it become rock hard over time.  All of my foam pads are made with a foam safe, manufacturer recommended glue.  And the top surface of the 8 Track/ 4 Track foam pads is heat bonded on.

Tape repairs include any replacement parts needed, including pinch rollers/foam/felt pads and sensing foil on 8 track tapes.  As well as cleaning the old lubricant off of the spindles so the pinch roller and tape reel roll freely (the old lubricant gets gummy with age and can cause horrible tape drag)  Cassette Tape Repair includes replacing the leader tape if necessary (at this stage certain types are turning to a sticky mess), replacing the splices, felt pads and if necessary the plastic shell.

Hopefully your "one stop shop" for most of your analog audio tape repair needs.  The menu above will take you to the sections of this website designated for each format.  I'm always happy to answer your questions via email or on my Facebook page.  Thank you for stopping by.  There is alot of good information on this site for the do-it-yourself analog audio enthusiast.  And some great quality products.  Including a kind of "do-it-yourself" 8 track foam pad.  Available in my store (click "Shop" in the above menu).  There are also some great Facebook groups that have a wealth of information as well so be sure and check out some of the groups I belong to via my Facebook page.  I hope you enjoy your visit!  

Here is a link to a template I have been working on for 8 track tape labels.  Its a basic, simple design.  When you open it, double clicking in a text field will allow you to edit it:

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I periodically post "How To's" on my Facebook page so be sure to check it out.  Need to replace your sensing foil but don't have a splicing block?  No problem!  You can use a Post It Note to keep things lined up while you replace the splice.  I have a "How To" HERE







Need a new belt for your 8 track player?  Click the link below.  They have a great selection of parts for vintage audio equipment!!

For those of you looking for 8 Track Player Repair, please click the banner below to be taken to the Barry's 8 Track Repair website:

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