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Still in business and operating normally as of 2021! 

Right On Electronics, an eBay seller is now using my foam replacement pads in their 8 track tapes.  They have 1000's of titles to choose from.  Click HERE to go their eBay store

I now make replacement "Tires" for those Ampex/Flat Pak, GRT/Module 8 carts that have the dreaded melted pinch rollers.  These come in 2 sizes.  You will need to clean off the old plastic hub from your melted roller.  These slip onto the hub (you will need to use some kind of lubricant to get them onto the hub.  I like to use "dry" silicone).  These are listed HERE in my store, but for the time being its going to be hard to keep them "in stock" as they are time consuming to cut.  So if you need them just send me an email and I can make up a special order for you. 

I am now offering 2 different styles of replacement foam pads for 4 Track/Broadcast carts.  Muntz style can be found HEREAudiopak/Fidelipac are HERE.

My 8 track tape foam pads have become very popular lately.  So you will notice they are constantly out of stock in my online store.  Currently I have been filling orders as they are emailed to me.  So if you need some just email me and I should be able to get an order made up for you with in a day or two.  

I have been asked over the years about tapes that seem to have "static" in them.  I am not sure what causes this.  But I believe I have found a solution.  I will be giving samples of my new pads with an anti-static surface on them when you place an order for the regular foam pads.  I also have a "you cut" anti-static pad for carts with the felt pads. 

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