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Update 5/22/22

I am currently experiencing a high volume of 8 track tape repair jobs (I am of course always accepting new jobs).  So you will notice foam pads are out of stock as I've been focusing on the repair side of things.  However I have PLENTY of pad making supplies and am always happy to make up an order for you.  So just email me your shopping list and I will do my best to get things made up for you as quickly as possible.  Thank you for supporting my small business.

8 Track Tape, 4 Track Tape, Cassette Tape, Broadcast Cart, Apollon, and PlayTape repair supplies and services.  If you like to do your own repairs, you should be able to find what you need in the "Shop" section.  If you would like me to do the repairs for you, "CLICK HERE" to contact me and I can answer any questions you have and/or get the process started.  Generous warranty on all repair jobs. 

Whenever possible I purchase my shipping and manufacturing supplies from other small, online businesses. 

Still in business and operating normally as of May 2022! 


I occasionally post updates about products and services on my Facebook Page

There are a lot of fun groups on Facebook dedicated to the 8 track tape.  I belong to several, and have worked out discounts for anything in my webstore for members of the following Facebook Groups:


8 Tracks In The Wild

8 Track Fixation

Come join the fun and save a little dough on your 8 track tape repair supplies too.  In either group you can buy/sell tapes, discuss 8 track tape repair, general 8 track tape discussion and much much more.  Details and coupon codes are available upon joining either group.

Looking for tapes to purchase?  Be sure and check out the 8 Track Tape Store.  They have the largest catalog of 8-track tapes for sale in the world!

In order to be able to focus more on the repair and replacement pad side of my business I am currently no longer doing 8 Track or Cassette To CD/MP3 transfers.  I am referring those to Vintage Audio Emporium on Etsy.  He also does video transfers.  He is located on the West Coast.  Born Talent is another fellow Etsy seller who does video transfers.  He is located on the East Coast.  Both have 5 star ratings on Etsy.  You do not need to be an Etsy member to purchase their services.  You can access their Etsy pages to check them out and place an order via the links in the menu at the top of this page.

Thank you for supporting small business!!

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