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As of 9/20/2020 ALL Services are still available!  I am an online only, one man business so things are pretty much unaffected here. 

I have finally started going through my "tapes to sell" boxes and am slowly getting them tuned up and listed here on my site:


All of my foam and felt pads are made in house by me.  I have settled on a white upholstery grade foam for its durability and pressure value for my 8 Track, 4 Track, Broadcast Cart and Playtape replacement pressure pads.  I repair a lot of 8 track tapes and my current 8 track pad design comes from that experience. You won't be disappointed! 

All of my 8 Track Tape Repair Services include removing the pinch roller and reel and cleaning and re-lubing the spindles they roll on.  As well as pad replacement, sensing foil replacement, any repairs involving the need to respool, fixing a tape that has been eaten.  Or has broken at the old sensing foil splice.  I charge a flat fee per tape and that covers anything that needs to be done.  The only exception to this is the Ampex style tapes that have the melted pinch rollers.  Those are $1 extra due to the need to replace the pinch rollers.

Cassette Tape Repairs include similar treatment as the 8 Tracks.  Everything I need to do is included in one price.  I have also been having good luck re-lubing cassette tapes that are stuck and either drag horribly or just will not play. 

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