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Welcome to 8 track!!

NEW!  I have added a section in the menu that I hope will grow as the year progresses.  The "New Releases" section in the menu bar will give you a drop down list of websites to go to that are offering New Releases on 8 Track and in some cases Cassette.  These are small Independent labels.  So please check them out.  


New foam colors are now available for 8 track tapesOrange, Blue, and Purple are now available in addition to the White and Gray.  In with either regular or anti-static laminate.  I can also make the foam pads for Broadcast Carts in these colors too.  Now available in my webstore. 





For all of your audio and video transfer needs please click the banner below to go to the Audio Restorations website. 




The price for repairs has gone up slightly.  Please check out THIS page for the new pricing.  This applies to all formats I repair.   Please note there is still a 40 tape limit on U.S repair jobs.  This helps keep things a little bit more manageable for me.  Current work load repair job wise is very light.  (May 19, 2024)

Foam pads are a very popular item and I frequently get large emailed orders from others who do 8 track tape repairs.  So they will more often not show up as "out of stock" in my webstore.  If you need some, just email me and I can make an order up for you.  Remember, U.S customers get free shipping on orders $35 and up.  International customers, I now have MUCH cheaper shipping rates available for your repair supply orders.  So please check them out or contact me for a quote. 


8 Track Tape, 4 Track Tape, Cassette Tape, Broadcast Cart, Apollon, and PlayTape repair supplies and services.  If you like to do your own repairs, you should be able to find what you need in the "Shop" section   If you would like me to do the repairs for you, "CLICK HERE" to contact me and I can answer any questions you have and/or get the process started.  Generous warranty on all repair jobs.

I am now refilling Apollon-HiPac tapes!  12 minutes worth of New Old Stock tape.  Also included in the service are new foam/felt pads, cleaning of inner and outer cartridge shell.  And proper tensioning of the tape.  Price is currently $30 per tape + shipping 

Email me for details:





UK Customers (and select surrounding countries) you now have an online store in the UK to buy used 8 track tapes, sensing foil and the foam pads I make!  Save money on shipping and customs fees.  Russ is constantly adding new titles to his online store.  Check it out at




I have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding 4 Track/multi-track Cassette recording device repairs.  Unfortunately I have no experience with these machines.  However I recommend you check out the Audio Kharma forums HERE.  You should be able to find the help you need in those forums. 

I occasionally post updates about products and services on my Facebook Page as well as my blog

There are a lot of fun groups on Facebook dedicated to the 8 track tape.  I belong to several, and have worked out discounts for anything in my webstore for members of the following Facebook Groups:


8 Tracks In The Wild

8 Track Fixation

Come join the fun and save a little dough on your 8 track tape repair supplies too.  In either group you can buy/sell tapes, discuss 8 track tape repair, general 8 track tape discussion and much much more.  Details and coupon codes are available upon joining either group.

Looking for tapes to purchase?  Be sure and check out the 8 Track Tape Store.  They have the largest catalog of 8-track tapes for sale in the world!

Elvis Presley Fans.  Check out Joe Spera's website Elvis Presley Tapes.  Dedicated to cataloging Elvis Presley's albums that were released on Reel to Reel, 8 Track and Cassette.  LOTS of fun information and pictures on here. 







Back when 8 Track Decks became available in vehicles, car manufacturers had tapes custom made with the car company names on them.  You can find out the history of these tapes  at Auto 8 Track Shack.




If you have a classic car with an 8 track deck that needs restored.  And maybe even a modern upgrade such as Bluetooth added, Barry at The 8 Track Repair Center is your guy. 

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