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A slight policy change with repair jobs. Customers paying via Paypal Invoices will now be required to pay the invoice before I start the repair job. So it will be pretty much the same as my policy with checks and money orders. Most of my customers are terrific to work with. However, I have had enough of an issue the past couple of months with getting paid in a timely manner or at all that this change is necessary.

The threshold for free shipping in the U.S will be changing from the current $30 to $50. And should stay there for the foreseeable future. I have already implemented this on repair jobs. But have not implemented it yet on orders from my store or emailed orders for repair supplies. I haven't yet decided whether I will implement this next month or wait until January 1st. If the USPS does another temporary rate hike for "peak" shipping season this year, that will definitely play a roll in my decision. This increase will help me better cover the rising cost of shipping and business expenses in general.

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